How much does rendering cost?

See our Costing Guide to get a rough idea of how much it will be to render your home

If you want a general idea of how much the rendering job will cost before you go through the process of having us come out to have a look, you can follow the rough guide below to make your own estimation.

Although each job needs an expert eye to deliver a true pricing quote you can generally work off the rule of thumb of $35-$50 per square meter depending on what quality materials you want to use.

Other things that may affect the price of any given render job can include the ease of access to all areas that need to be rendered on the building, the type of finish, pattern or colour you want, the shape and bend of the surface that needs to be rendered, the height of the wall, if scaffolding is required and the condition of the surface to be rendered.

If all else fails, submit an online enquiry and get an experienced rendering expert out for a quote. After all it is free and there is no-obligation, so what do you have to lose?